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  Enrollment Information  
  2021-2022 New Student Enrollment  
  School of Choice Application  
  School of Choice 2021-22 Informational Flyer  
  Board Meeting Notices and Agendas  
  Notice of Board of Education Meeting - February 14, 2022 at 6pm  
  Board of Education Meeting - February 14, 2022 at 6pm in HS Media Center  
  Title IX Information  
  Board Policy #3118: Title IX - Sexual-Harassment  
  Title IX - Sexual Harassment Formal Complaint Form (3118-F-PDF)  
  Current CHSD COVID-19 Information  
  Return to School Plan 2021  
  Extended COVID-19 Learning Plan  
  Covid-19 Preparedness & Response Plan  
  2021-22_Extended COVID-19 Learning Plan - Goal Reporting  
  Quarantine Guidance for Student Close Contact Quarantine Guidance for Student with Symptoms  
  CHSD COVID-19 Cases 2021-2022  
  Letter to Warrior Families_7-6-21  
  Joint MOISD and Districts Letter_8-13-21  
  COVID Protocols_8-18-21  
  Letter and Flowchart_9-17-21  
  Letter- Weidman Elementary virtual 9-29-21 through 10-1-21  
  Previous CHSD COVID-19 Information COVID-19 Resources  
  Return to Learn Information COVID-19 Resources (pdf)  
  Return to School Plan 2020 Social Gathering  
  Covid-19 Preparedness & Response Plan Safe Social Pods  
  updated Flowchart Choosing Safer Activities  
  2020-21_Extended COVID-19 Learning Plan - Goal Reporting MI Vaccine to Normal Challenge  
  Health Department Joint Letter on 9-18-20    
  Hybrid Change beginning 10-5-20  
  Letter to Warrior Families_10-2-20    
  CMHD Press Release in Response to Supreme Court Ruling_10-5-20    
  Letter to Warror Families_10-15-20    
  Letter from Superintendent_10-27-20    
  Letter - Barryton closure_10-28-20    
  Letter from Superintendent_10-30-20    
  Letter - all schools going virtual_11-1-20    
  Teacher & Support Staff COVID-19 Grant Letter    
  Letter - all schools continuing virtual_11-11-20    
  JIC Press Release_11-15-20    
  Pause to Save Lives_11-16-20    
  Letter - HS is virtual from Feb. 15-19, 2021    
  Letter - all schools going virtual until May 2, 2021    
  Other Information or Notices  
  New CHSD Board Approved Logo  
  CHSD Emergency Drills  



The mission of our school and community is to prepare each student to become a productive and responsible citizen.