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Welcome to

Chippewa Hills Intermediate School

Chippewa Hills Intermediate School

The mission of our school and community is to prepare each student to become a productive and responsible citizen.


The staff of Chippewa Hills Intermediate School welcomes you to our building and the learning opportunities we offer students. The staff is committed to providing the quality education that our students deserve and work endlessly to that effect. Working collaboratively with parents and other available resources (i.e. Family Access), student achievement is maximized in our efforts in promote the learning experiences.

The mission of Chippewa Hills Intermediate School is to prepare our students for their future.
The principles that underlie this mission are as follows:

Students must learn to accept responsibility.

Students want and need consistency and stucture.
Education is a community responsibility.
All students learn at their own rate, in their own way and to the best of their ability.
Adolescence is a time that requires unique and special considerations.
The future is ever-changing and we must continually adapt to that change.


With this mission and these principles in mind, the appropriate programs have been developed and are continually evaluated to assure the highest quality educational opportunities for the children of this community.


While student achievement is our focus, we are aware of the fact that we deal with adolescent children at the Intermediate level and need to plan accordingly. To that end, we encourage and model a positive environment that is conducive to adolescent issues and concerns. We continually recognize our students for their outstanding performances in all realms including: academics, athletics, citizenship, community service, school pride and others. We also expect the acceptance of responsibility for actions in preparing our students for the real world.


Chippewa Hills Intermediate School is a great place to learn and we hope that you will continue to support the staff and programs of this building. Through our combined efforts CHIS will continue to thrive and grow into the educational institution our children deserve.