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  CHSD ESSER III Funding Stakeholder Input Survey  
  Enrollment Information  
  2021-2022 New Student Enrollment  
  School of Choice Application  
  School of Choice 2021-22 Informational Flyer  
  Board Meeting Notices and Agendas  
  Cancellation Notice for Board of Education Meeting on November 29, 2021  
  Chippewa Hills Board of Education Regular Meeting - December 13, 2021 at 6pm
in HS Media Center
  Notice of Board of Education Meeting on December 13, 2021  
  Notice of Special Board Meeting for Disciplinary Hearing - December 13, 2021 at 4:30pm  
  Title IX Information  
  Board Policy #3118: Title IX - Sexual-Harassment  
  Title IX - Sexual Harassment Formal Complaint Form (3118-F-PDF)  
  Current CHSD COVID-19 Information  
  Return to School Plan 2021  
  Extended COVID-19 Learning Plan  
  Covid-19 Preparedness & Response Plan  
  Extended COVID-19 Learning Plan - Goal Reporting  
  Quarantine Guidance for Student Close Contact Quarantine Guidance for Student with Symptoms  
  CHSD COVID-19 Cases 2021-2022  
  Letter to Warrior Families_7-6-21  
  Joint MOISD and Districts Letter_8-13-21  
  COVID Protocols_8-18-21  
  Letter and Flowchart_9-17-21  
  Weidman Elementary virtual 9-29-21 through 10-1-21  
  Previous CHSD COVID-19 Information COVID-19 Resources  
  Return to Learn Information COVID-19 Resources (pdf)  
  Return to School Plan 2020 Social Gathering  
  Covid-19 Preparedness & Response Plan Safe Social Pods  
  updated Flowchart Choosing Safer Activities  
  Health Department Joint Letter on 9-18-20 MI Vaccine to Normal Challenge  
  Hybrid Change beginning 10-5-20  
  Letter to Warrior Families_10-2-20    
  CMHD Press Release in Response to Supreme Court Ruling_10-5-20    
  Letter to Warror Families_10-15-20    
  Letter from Superintendent_10-27-20    
  Letter - Barryton closure_10-28-20    
  Letter from Superintendent_10-30-20    
  Letter - all schools going virtual_11-1-20    
  Teacher & Support Staff COVID-19 Grant Letter    
  Letter - all schools continuing virtual_11-11-20    
  JIC Press Release_11-15-20    
  Pause to Save Lives_11-16-20    
  Letter - HS is virtual from Feb. 15-19, 2021    
  Letter - all schools going virtual until May 2, 2021    
  Other Information or Notices  
  CHSD Logo Q & A  
  Public Advisory of Lead Action Level Exceedance at HS_10-7-21  
  Important Information about Lead in HS Drinking Water_10-7-21  
  CHSD Emergency Drills  



The mission of our school and community is to prepare each student to become a productive and responsible citizen.